Achieving consensus on risk

For supply network operators and participants that are seeking to reduce the cost of risk assessment, whilst driving the efficacy of their risk assessment processes.

Saffron delivers platforms that enable supply network participants to share data in order to provide themselves and other participants a more complete view of risk.

Multi-chain integration

For network operators seeking to integrate data from multiple distributed ledger systems operated by supply network participants.

Saffron understands the complexities of evolving multi-chain environments - and how to integrate this data to provide the option of a more complete view to all permissioned network participants.


For those seeking to provide assurance over data presented in existing technology systems, Saffron delivers technology that enables data to be protected and inspected - reducing the risk of tampering.

Incentivisation systems

For network operators and participants seeking to improve the engagement with existing systems, for example provenance databases.

Saffron has a track record in designing distributed ledger and blockchain based schemes that introduce quantitative incentivisation programmes to drive engagement throughout the supply network.

Maintaining provenance data

For those seeking to improve access to data on the provenance of products within supply networks.

Saffron delivers distributed ledger based solutions that collect, communicate and enrich tamper-proof evidence of provenance through the complete chain of custody.


To support those that need to increase the level of confidence in data provided by the supply network, and manage their risk.

Saffron co-develops and delivers technology infrastructure to enable notarisation to be delivered throughout supply networks.

Raising Capital on the Blockchain

For those seeking to raise capital, either via debt or equity, Saffron provides guidance through the legal, promotional, and technological challenges and opportunities that are presented by the blockchain domain.

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